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mycroft assistant

Mycroft Assistant is an automated supply chain management solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses avoid inventory overstocks or shortages, reduce waste, cut costs, and maximize profitability.

Based on an accurate analysis of sales and current inventory levels, the solution calculates precisely which SKUs to order, in what quantity, and where to ship them.  Replacing paper forms or spreadsheets, companies can grow without taking on additional staff to manage complex, manual calculations.  Mycroft Assistant forecasts future requirements, supports better planning, and eliminates the guesswork from managing supply chain.

Mycroft Assistant integrates with a company’s existing accounting and CRM systems. The solution is easy to learn and use, and managers can be productive using the system in a matter of days, without extensive training.

Unlike systems built for large enterprises, Mycroft Assistant is priced specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.  It is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and requires no expensive implementation, hosting, or on-going maintenance.

Mycroft Assistant has been developed by an experienced team with deep expertise in developing cloud-based technology solutions for supply chain management. The solution has been successfully implemented by a variety of businesses, which have sharply reduced inventory, cut financing costs, and grown operations without adding headcount.


Key Features and Benefits of Mycroft Assistant

 The key features of Mycroft Assistant address the most urgent supply chain management challenges for small and mid-sized businesses.  By adopting the Mycroft Assistant solution, companies benefit from more efficiency, lower costs, leaner inventory, better planning, and enhanced profitability.


Automatically calculates optimal inventory

 Mycroft Assistant calculates the optimal inventory required by the business.  Based on a sophisticated analysis of sales and current stocks, the solution determines which SKUs to order, in what quantity, and where to ship them.

Mycroft Assistant eliminates the guesswork from managing supply chain.  By precisely calculating requirements, companies can lower the amount of inventory they carry, cut costs, eliminate waste, and deploy capital more productively.  The system ensures that they deliver the right goods to their customers precisely when and where they need them.

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Provides specific recommendations for action

 Mycroft Assistant provides companies with specific recommendations for action.  The system automatically generates purchase orders with specific instructions on items, volume, and location.

Companies do not require a large staff of expert analysts to make and analyze complex calculations, and as they grow, they do not need to hire additional people to perform these tasks.  Instead, companies can act instantly on clear instructions automatically generated by the system.

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Transparent and configurable

 Mycroft Assistant can easily be configured to allow managers to make adjustments for specific conditions.  For example, the solution can be adjusted to account for seasonality, special discounts, a need for safety stocks, or other unusual conditions.  The underlying assumptions used by the system to optimize inventory are transparent.  They are not inaccessible or hidden in a “black box.”

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Easy to learn and use

 Mycroft Assistant has been designed specifically for use within small and mid-sized businesses.  With two simple clicks, managers can make accurate decisions to optimize inventory.  It does not require them to perform advanced calculations or rely on years of experience and intuition.

Managers new to the system can be productive with less than two weeks training and no special expertise is required.  As companies grow,  they can manage additional inventory, suppliers, and locations without adding expensive managers.

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Priced for SMBs

Mycroft Assistant is priced appropriately for small and mid-sized businesses.  The subscription price, tied directly to the number of SKUs or locations, eliminates the need for companies to pay a large up-front license fee.

The software-as-a-service model also eliminates the expense of deploying, hosting, and maintaining the solution internally.  SMBs have no need for expensive servers and internal IT resources.  Mycroft Assistant is hosted on high-performance, secure systems available via the web and is updated regularly as part of the subscription.

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Integrates with existing systems

 Mycroft Assistant is easily integrated with companies’ existing accounting and CRM systems.  There is no need for companies to remove or replace existing systems, and no long, expensive integration process is required.

Orders generated by the solution are automatically transferred into the other systems.  Managers avoid the need to enter the same information into multiple systems, a tedious task prone to errors.

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Provides insights and alerts for better decision making

 Mycroft Assistant provides instant access to relevant information that managers need to manage supply chain.  Through dashboards and reports, they can see inventory levels, orders, performance relative to plan, and other vital data at a glance.  Managers can drill down to reveal information on particular SKUs, locations, suppliers, or managers.

Mycroft Assistant automatically alerts managers to overstocks, shortages, or other  potential problems in advance.  This provides managers enough time to respond effectively.  They are not caught by surprise by costly problems.

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Supports advanced planning

Mycroft Assistant forecasts inventory requirements and purchases.  Based on past orders, the solution calculates the company’s needs into the future for each SKU and location.  Managers can view projections for days, weeks, months, or even years in advance.

This capability allows managers to plan more effectively.  They have a longer term view of their needs and are no longer scrambling to prepare plans day-to-day.  With greater visibility, they can order and ship more intelligently, avoid sudden shortages or overstocks, take advantage of volume discounts, maximize sales of their most profitable items, and arrange for more favorable financing.

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