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Mycroft Assistant is an automated inventory management solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses avoid inventory overstocks or shortages, reduce waste, cut costs, and maximize profitability.

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Based on an accurate analysis of sales and current inventory levels, the solution precisely calculates which products to order, in what quantity, and where to ship them. Replacing paper forms or spreadsheets, companies can grow without taking on additional staff to manage complex, manual calculations.

Mycroft Assistant integrates with a company’s existing accounting and CRM systems. The solution is easy to learn and use, and managers can be productive using the system in a matter of days, without extensive training.

Unlike systems built for large enterprises, Mycroft Assistant is priced specifically for small and mid-sized businesses. It is delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution and requires no expensive implementation, hosting, or ongoing maintenance.

Mycroft Assistant has been developed by an experienced team with deep expertise in developing cloud-based technology solutions for inventory management. The solution has been successfully implemented by a variety of businesses, which have sharply reduced inventory, cut financing costs, and grown operations without adding headcount.

The system is logically divided into four subsystems:

Inventory management system (IMS) – an expert system (decision-making system), which analyzes daily turnover against the company’s current status (residues, sales, reserves and items in transit) and decides which positions and in what quantities the company should purchase. The decision is made based on sales history and goods calculation properties. The result of the subsystem’s work is a supplier order and purchase plan. The reporting system works in tandem with the IMS, showing you the current inventory assortment status in a warehouse.

Sales Analysis – An analytical “intelligence” subsystem (i.e. business intelligence), which allows the operator to display real-time data in a cross-section view of the company’s current sales. An analysis is performed considering the historical dynamics, thereby enabling an estimate of the company’s existing trends in addition to an automatic calculation of critical changes. This generates a summary user analysis. The result is a report on sales dynamics as well as a report on company activities, or the sales plan.

Budgeting (planning) – A subsystem that generates an annual budget of income and expenses. It includes monthly purchases and sales plans. The subsystem evaluates plan execution (actual/target analysis) and, if there are deviations from the plan, notifies the operator.

Reports – This subsystem is an integrated analytical tool for use by the administrator or authorized individual, who can evaluate the company’s current state and business dynamics.

Notifications – A service subsystem that combines all three components described above. The notification system allows the manager to make automatic purchases and receive advance e-mail notification specifying the need to make an order before goods run out. For the Sales Manager, this system will notify about significant changes in the dynamics of sales in a given cross-section. In the event that any clients this month have decreased their purchases less to buy than previously, the system will generate a notification. In addition, based on the company’s work over a week, month or year, summary reports are generated in a concise format for managers regarding current company trends.

Thus, the coordinated work of all subsystems allows you to work with the Mycroft Assistant in a reactive mode (i.e. when the system tells you what to do and what is going on), without wasting time on manual data collection and analysis.

Before you start working with the system, you will need to do the following:

1. Register. To do this, go to the LINK and register. You will be sent an email notification about your successful registration to the address provided. The email will contain your login, password, and access key.

2. Access the system via your browser at To access, you will need to enter your username and password.

3. Mycroft Assistant works with your company’s trading activity data, so you will need to regularly export data from your accounting system.

To carry this out, we propose xml format as a universal exchange format (the data format can be viewed on the “Mycroft Assistant API” website). The system features an open interface for data acquisition, so you can download data from any of your important sources. Most importantly, the export format should match what is necessary (for interface and download data, go to the section “For developers” on the website.)

For the most popular accounting systems, we offer ready-made exchange modules, which you can download at


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