Importing and deleting data (integration)


1. Importing using online integration modules

Mycroft Assistant provides the ability to integrate with popular online accounting systems, including integration modules available to the user immediately when connected to the system. The modules allow you to import data from client accounting systems and to export the necessary data.

To select configure integration through a communication module, carry out the following steps:

1. Click on the “Import modules” settings tab:

2. Click “Add new”. On the form that appears, select the exchange module from the list that you want by clicking “Select”:

3. Next, the connection settings form appears where you must specify the name of the module to be used later on when importing, the address to connect to your online accounting system, as well as the login and password for accessing the data. After filling out this form, click “Save”:

4. The module is successfully added to the system and a record thereof appears in the list of available modules:

5. To load the data from the selected module, you need to click on the “Loading data” tab and then click “Press to get the data from import module” under the “IMPORT DATA” field:

The result of the operation will be displayed in run time and in the “Logs” tab

2. Manual import

Data can be imported into the system either automatically or manually. Exchange is performed automatically using special connectors that are used for various accounting systems.

For manual import, you first need to prepare the imported data in the proper format (more information about the proper format is at ). You can do this by setting up a connector or manually on your own. System import is carried out as follows:

1) Prepare the upload data file (information on how to do this is available on the website on the API page at: )

2) Log into to Mycroft Assistant. Choose “Settings” at the top of the page. In “Settings”, go to the “Data” tab and click on the cloud icon to open a file selection dialog, or else drag the file you created into this field. Download will start automatically and as a result the system will enter the sales analysis panel. The result of the load operation can also be found under the “Logs” tab.

You can also delete data (to clear the database completely or reload) under the “CLEAR DATA” field by clicking the “Press to delete all the data” button. Once this button is pressed, the database will be cleared completely.


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