Mycroft Assistant



Mycroft Assistant is an automated inventory management solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses avoid inventory overstocks or shortages, reduce waste, cut costs, and maximize profitability. Based on an accurate analysis of sales and current inventory levels, the solution calculates precisely which SKUs to order, in what quantity, and where to ship them.  Replacing paper forms or spreadsheets, companies can grow without taking on additional staff to manage complex, manual calculations.  Mycroft Assistant forecasts future requirements, supports better planning, and eliminates the guesswork from managing inventory.
At Mycroft, we use innovative methods to analyze the current state of a company's reserves (in the context of units held), taking into account the individual characteristics of each type of product. Our advanced analysis techniques can be used on a complete array of products. This includes those that have regular sales statistics, are seasonal, and those that are subject to seemingly random, irregular demand. Our program, Mycroft Assistant, also forecasts and calculates requisite product reserves by analyzing sales records. The model it uses applies the theory of constraints, methodically examining the current state of your reserves and then performing accurate order forecasting.
Specialists in inventory management, of course, well-known graph of costs on the volume ordered consignment. Obviously, for some amount of the order, there are optimal conditions for the purchase. The graph clearly visible optimum, and assumed that he refers to EOQ (economic order quantity). But the fact, that the purpose of any business is not to minimize the costs, but maximizing the profit. Oddly enough, the most large profits does not correspond to the lowest cost.