Key Mycroft Assistant Advantages over Alternatives


mycroft assistant

Small and mid-sized businesses that manage inventory currently have two primary options to support the process:

  1. Manual systems using a combination of paper, spreadsheets, purchase orders, accounting software, and guesswork

  1. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems built for larger enterprises.



Advantages over manual systems

More actionable information

Mycroft Assistant provides managers explicit instructions on what inventory to purchase, what quantity, and where to ship it.  Unlike solutions built in-house or solutions, which require companies to calculate optimal purchases on their own,  the Mycroft Assistant provide precise, actionable instructions that are ready to execute.


Managers save time

Using Mycroft Assistant, fewer people are required to handle the supply chain management tasks, and these people require less training.  The solution automatically collects and analyzes the information from multiple sources, performs the calculations to optimize inventory, and executes the purchases.

Unlike manual processes, managers no longer need to gather information from sales, accounting, shipping, purchasing and other sources, and then manually calculate or take a best guess on what items to order.  Because Mycroft Assistant handles all the mundane calculation tasks, managers can focus on more strategic responsibilities to grow the business.

With manual processes, companies need to take on more managers to handle a higher volume of inventory, more SKUs, or more locations.  Mycroft Assistant eliminates this need and allows companies to grow without increasing headcount.


Insights for planning

Mycroft Assistant provides managers with reliable insights into future requirements.  Unlike more manual processes which show only past activity or a snapshot of inventory at a single moment in time, the Mycroft Assistant solution reveals trends and forecasts future needs, which allows managers to make better informed business decisions.



Mycroft Assistant automatically alerts managers to variances from plans or expected trends.  Unlike manual systems, managers can discover unusual activity and become aware of potential problems while they have enough time to respond.


Advantages over enterprise systems


Less expensive

Unlike systems built for large enterprises with substantial IT budgets, Mycroft Assistant is priced specifically to fit the limited resources of SMBs.   The monthly subscription eliminates the need for a large upfront license fee.

Mycroft Assistant is hosted in a secure cloud environment and does not require a large IT staff or the expensive deployment, hosting and maintenance costs of enterprise-scale on-premise systems.


Easier to learn and use

Mycroft Assistant is designed to be easy to learn and use.  In contrast to complex systems built for large enterprises, the Mycroft Assistant solution does not require extensive training or a dedicated staff of experts.


Faster deployment

Mycroft Assistant can be rapidly deployed within SMBs.  As a cloud-based SaaS solution, it does not require expensive deployment support from outside implementation experts, and it is designed to be integrated with existing systems.  Enhancements are delivered automatically as part of the Mycroft Assistant subscription, eliminating the need for disruptive and expensive overhauls and upgrades.