The Analyzed Transactions (Point of Sale)


In many accounting systems, point of sale refers to the moment product(s) ship from the warehouse, and includes a “write-off.”Many companies use this write-off to analyze future purchases. This may work very well if there is consistency of product delivery over time.

However, by using point of sale for future inventory compilations, crucial information is omitted from the formula. This is the fact that transactions actually occur at the time an order is placed. Is your company always ready to sell its products at that time? If not, most likely you do not have enough stock in inventory to complete the requested transaction. To fix this problem, you may need the ability to forecast future sales by taking remaining stock into account at the time an order is placed, not when it will be shipped.


The Mycroft Assistant gives you a choice in terms of what to consider as a “transaction” for the purpose of analyzing future purchases. You can designate either the shipping document or the original sales document as your base for analysis. In the first case, the analyzed range of sales is based on the dates of the actual write-off of the products. In the second, the amount of stock available on the date of the transaction is used. The manager who uses the solution can select the analysis option that best matches sales of your products within Mycroft Assistant settings, and can change the setting at any time.


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