450 $ per 1 unit (warehouse, shop) per 1 month

+ 350 $ per 1 unit (starting with 2nd) per 1 month

Every plan that we offer provides full functionality, updates, and support. From forecasting inventory, to commercial analytics and planning, there is nothing omitted, no matter what plan you choose.

1 unit
2 units
3 units
5 units

Our premium service plans include technical support via e-mail or by phone, our employees are always ready to help with the search and removal of any technical difficulties that you may encounter while working with the applications; they also always ready to help deal with the formatting of data, connecting to different systems, and so on.

If you want something more, our experts can offer training and consulting services on a quantitative optimization, supply chain or statistics for your team, and in addition, we provide customized services designed specifically for your company.