Sales plan


Creation of a sales plan is important to any company that wants to compile and maintain its planning operations with a goal of optimizing finances.

In order to make sales plan, the head of your company needs to know when it will receive money, and in what amount. Then, the department of logistics, key warehouse personnel, and other department heads and key personnel can access the information in order to plan how and when that money is used.

Sales plan


Generally, the sales plan is built so that results are shown on a monthly basis period and carry forward into future periods. The document is based on the sales forecast for the selected period, and it takes into account future demand, including seasonal changes, trends, and any other factors that may affect sales.

Having a complete sales plan in place is very useful. It provides the data necessary to perform a variance analysis for the execution of the plan. It also allows for deviations from planned sales to real sales. Now, you have the ability to make purchasing decisions about specific units, managers, or warehouses that are based on properly-analyzed data.


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