Sales report


The head of the sales department (or sales manager) faces must prepare a sales report. However, these reports are not always useful for the manager. The ratio of time spent preparing and studying the report to actual result achieved by doing so can cause inefficiency. These reports do not always speak in favor of a large volume of unloaded sales data. However, it is important to see not only current performance, but also the history of its changes, if you really want to understand the relationship between the current situation and previous sales.

For instance do your sales reports indicate what proportion of sales a specific partner take? Do they show how this proportion changes monthly? How about information about which manager procures the most sales to them? Is there any data about which warehouse sells the most units?

Even if your current sales do report this information, do they also provide it for the previous week, and in just a few minutes? Or, must you wait a week, or a month, for this information? Do you know how have these figures changed over the years and what their dynamics are? Do you get a report that shows, for example, that your “Manager A”, over time, sells more and more of certain kinds of products while paying little or no attention to other product groups?

The sales analysis system within Mycroft Assistant will help you find answers to all of these questions. It can current and historical analysis not only on the raw data, but also provides more complex and useful indicators, such as average transaction amount and the number of transactions in any given period.


General Sales Report on the whole company


This report accumulates basic data that is related to your company’s total sales for any selected period of time. It allows sales managers and department heads to draw conclusions about current company operations on a weekly basis.


Sales report

Sales report Dynamics chart

Sales Report for customer relations managers

The best way to determine how effective a sales manager is, is to analyze sales history using current performance and dynamics. The more detailed the information, the more objective the assessment will be. This report provides your company with the opportunity to evaluate the performance of any manager over any period of time. You will be able to see not only how well or poorly their results were in a previous period, but also how the volume of this work has changed in the context of a manager’s entire work history. This report also enables you to see the strengths and weaknesses of each manager so you can adjust his or her work in a more profitable and appropriate direction.


Sales report


Sales Report by product property

To determine which products yield high returns and which should be abandoned, you need a detailed sales report that specifies the type and properties of each product. The analysis of this report will highlight the most profitable products, assess the dynamics of their sales, and delineate your most effective product range. You will then be able to determine pricing and sales directives that based on sound metrics.


Sales report


Sales Report by individual outlet

In order to have a well-developed distribution network, you need data that reports sales by individual stores. You also need accurate information about trading floors and individual units, in a per-outlet basis. The data provided in the Sales Report by Individual Outlet provides this, enabling you to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of each outlet by evaluating its optimal product grid. It also gives you an understanding of the customer base of the outlet so that you can, as adjust or reassign work and redistribute product.


Sales report


In sum, the “Mycroft Assistant” sales analysis system will help you find answers to the many questions that arise from sales analysis. It provides more than raw reports on sales because it also performs complex analytical cuts that provide a wealth of easy-to-use information that really cannot be found in any other software solution.

Mycroft allows you to obtain a detailed but accessible analysis of the current state of you company’s sales and displays dynamics in various analytical cuts across time. You can customize the data by time, product, and environment, all of which will help you make critical managerial decisions.


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