System User Manual

Before you start

Before you start working with the system, you will need to do the following: Register, Access the system via your browser

Importing and deleting data (integration)

Mycroft Assistant provides the ability to integrate with popular online accounting systems, including integration modules available to the user immediately when connected to the system. The modules allow you to import data from client accounting systems and to export the necessary data.

Items properties setting

Before you start working with the system, you will need to program an initial setup of the properties of items and groups. You will specify these settings just once. Thereafter, with further calculations, these settings will be applied automatically to calculate the recommendations and forecasts of each item.

Inventory management system (IMS)

The purpose of Mycroft Assistant is to make an optimal order to the supplier. Through the system you enter your data on your company's trading activity. You load data about current balances of goods, information about the history of sales, reserves, and goods in transit (ordered but not yet arrived at the warehouse). You also enter the settings according to individual characteristics of products and consequently get the output result. The system will automatically calculate and inform you if you need to place an order, including which items and how much, and explains why.

Sales analysis

This subsystem allows for a historical sales analysis of the company's sales. With it you can learn more about your products, your contractors, and the work of your company in terms of sales organization. You will be able to identify negative trends and get recommendations from the system regarding preferred action to improve sales.

Planning (Sales plan and Purchase plan)

Planning allows you to predict the volume of expected sales and purchases necessary for these sales in a monthly cross-section. Planning purchases and sales allows us to estimate income and expenditures in the upcoming period, helping to create a budget for the months ahead. In addition, the system allows a variance analysis of the current month's plan, as well as of plans for the preceding months.


Reports is a comprehensive analytical tool that a manager or person in charge of evaluating the current state and dynamics of the company can operate.


Mycroft Assistant Integration (API)

Mycroft Assistant is located on the Internet . Its purpose is to offer services that analyze the data of your company’s operations. You provide this information easily and securely. Successful operation of the service is not complicated. You begin by uploading data to it. This may include, but is not limited to: current product balance, sales and receipts documents of your products, and accompanying guides. It is best to provide a year's worth of data, and update it on a daily basis.