We provide our products to distributors, who in turn supply various retail chains. We analyze sales reports and other data provided by our distributors to determine market trends. This places us in the position of being responsible for determining the right amount of product to be sent, and to also provide information as to where it needs to be sent. Any errors may mean that a particular item becomes unavailable when needed, or that overstock occurs.

Though producing reports that will provide accurate quantity and dissemination information may seem like a small task, it is not. We receive a very large number of reports from distributors on a regular basis. These are often in the form of Excel files which must be compiled into a single database. There is a large amount of data to be analyzed, and to do so manually would be time consuming and error prone.

To assure maximum results, this work must to be automated. While there are several companies that offer a host of products that claim to be effective, we chose Mycroft Assistant because – right out of the box – it offers the functionality we require. It is fully customizable, via some very intuitive processes. Thus, we had absolutely no trouble integrating Mycroft Assistant. We actually were pleasantly surprised by the entire program, not only because cloud technology is involved, but because the customer service behind it is superb. We never have a long wait when we need help or have questions.

We rely on Mycroft Assistant, on a daily basis, to provide a fully automated solution. The reports it generates provide us with an “overall picture” of requirements for all our customers. One of the many features of the Assistant that has been invaluable is its ability to check the data we upload and alert us if anything might cause a problem with accurate forecasting. We do not have to babysit this system.

Since implementation began, we have greatly reduced the manual labor involved in providing key data to our customers. We obtain results in a few seconds, instead of a few hours, thus reclaiming hours of management time that we use to the best advantage of our company, and our clients.

We highly recommend Mycroft Assistant as a service provider and have come to regard the company as a trusted partner.